Life Skills Lessons and Activities

Aloha Tree pdf doc 4-6 Reinforcing daily acts of kindness
- Resource pdf ppt
A Place in the Middle pdf 7-12 Curriculum Guide
Kumu Hina and Ho‘onani’s story vid The acceptance of Gender Expression
Are We Smiling Yet? pdf doc 4-12 Genuine? Fake? Smiles cause…
- Resource pdf ppt
Bowl of Light pdf doc 4-12 Keeping your inner light shining bright
Common Ground pdf doc 4-12 Exploring similarities & differences
Crushed pdf doc 4-12 How it looks & how it feels to be bullied
Guts on the Table pdf doc 9-12 Sharing stories & building communities
Ha- Breath of Life pdf doc 4-8 Learning the power of your breath
I Am Pono! pdf doc 4-8 Facts and discussion prompts about bullying
- Resource pdf ppt
I Belong – The 4 Bs pdf doc 4-8 Group connections & how they feel
Line UP pdf doc 7-12 LGBT awareness and sensitivity
Myth or Fact pdf doc 7-12 LGBT awareness activity
My Mixed Plate pdf doc 4-8 Exploring roots & preferences
- Resource pdf doc
Perspectives pdf doc 4-8 Understanding different points of view
Power of the Word pdf doc 4-12 Learning about the power of words
Promoting Pono – Preventing Huhu (Anger) pdf doc 4-6 Examining injustice to promote pono
Slam Poetry – I Got Issues pdf doc 4-12 Hawai‘i Slam Poets personify issues impacting youth
The Four Agreements pdf doc 7-12 Helping others; helping yourself
- Resource pdf doc
The Golden Rule pdf doc 6-12 A universal guide to living pono
Thinking Vs Feeling pdf doc 6-12 Head or gut? Which to listen to…
Truth, Justice, and the Pono Way pdf doc 9-12 Living the Pono way
- Resource pdf ppt
Two Wolves Inside pdf doc 7-12 Struggling with Good vs Bad
- Resource pdf doc
Words To Live By pdf doc 4-12 Word cards encouraging pono actions
- Resource pdf doc