Life Skills Lessons and Activities

                LESSONS AND RESOURCES      FILES   GRADES                             DESCRIPTION
Aloha Tree pdf doc 4-6 Reinforcing daily acts of kindness
          - Resource pdf ppt
Believe – Be a Gift pdf doc 4-8 Identify & celebrate everyone’s gifts
By Observing, One Learns pdf doc 6-8 Developing the ability to focus
Co-Creating Protocols pdf doc 4-8 Establishing the way “to be”
Collaborative Video Production pdf doc 6-12 Communicate a message using video
          - Resource pdf
Collecting Community Histories pdf doc 4-12 Capturing Kupuna Wisdom and Community History
Common Ground pdf doc 4-12 Exploring similarities & differences
Community Service pdf doc 6-8 Learning by serving community
Contributions pdf doc 4-6 Thinking about the importance of contributions
Culture Collage - Who We Are pdf doc 6-8 Creating through collaboration
Growing Pono pdf doc 4-6 Using Appreciative Inquiry to cause change
Halaʻea – A Greedy Chief pdf doc 6-12 Learning about kuleana and community roles through story
Happy Birthday pdf doc 6-12 Learn by watching & listening
Human Jan Ken Po pdf doc 4-8 Having fun with communication
I Am Pono! pdf doc 4-8 Facts and discussion prompts about bullying
          - Resource pdf ppt
I Belong – The 4 Bs pdf doc 4-8 Group connections & how they feel
Lau + Lau pdf doc 6-8 Learn & compare Hawaiian counting
Leading the Pack pdf doc 7-12 School mascots & how we relate
Lonoikamakahiki - My Totem pdf doc 4-12 Makahiki games & leadership
My Community Lens pdf doc 6-12 Capturing community images
Our Community Collage pdf doc 6-12 Creating through collaboration
Perspectives pdf doc 4-8 Understanding different points of view
Shaping Up pdf doc 7-12 Hands on leadership and team building
Slam Poetry – I Got Issues pdf doc 4-12 Hawai‘i Slam Poets personify issues impacting youth
Sticking Together pdf doc 4-6 Learning to work together in unity
The Golden Rule pdf doc 6-12 A universal guide to living pono
Think Before You Act pdf doc 8-12 Strategies for Kōnane and life
Truth, Justice, and the Pono Way pdf doc 9-12 Living the Pono way
          - Resource pdf ppt