Life Skills Lessons and Activities

                LESSONS AND RESOURCES      FILES   GRADES                             DESCRIPTION
A Mele Creation pdf doc 4-8 Using senses to create a song of place
          -Resource pdf ppt
A Puzzling Place pdf doc 4-8 Creating crosswords as a way to teach about place
E Ola Pono – Life in These Islands pdf doc 4-8 Living pono; protecting Hawai‘i nei
Knowing Your Place pdf doc 6-8 Words from kūpuna on the importance of place
          - Resource pdf ppt
My Place in “Dis Place” pdf doc 6-8 Exploring relationships and responsibilities to place
‘Ōlelo No‘eau: Finding & Writing Them pdf doc Pending…
Take Care of the Water - Mālama I Ka Wai pdf doc 4-6 Water: In need of protection
          - Resource pdf doc
Uncovering History Through Names pdf doc 4-6 Learning stories of familiar places
What Is With This Place pdf doc 7-12 Polling communities: A simple process to learn a lot
What's the Big Deal About Trees pdf doc 5-6 Understanding trees
          - Resource pdf doc
When Heaven Weeps - Wai pdf doc 4-6 Knowing importance of water