Life Skills Lessons and Activities

                LESSONS AND RESOURCES      FILES   GRADES                             DESCRIPTION
Aha Weave – Working Together pdf doc 4-12  Weaving strands to strengthen intent
          - Resource pdf
Are We Smiling Yet? pdf doc 4-12  Genuine? Fake? Smiles cause…
          - Resource pdf ppt
Bowl of Light pdf doc 4-12  Keeping your inner light shining bright
Connecting with Mana pdf doc 6-8  Understanding the energy in everything
Crushed pdf doc 4-12  How it looks & how it feels to be bullied
Eat a Rainbow pdf doc 5-6 Hawaiian food pyramid and health
          -Resource pdf doc
Ekolu Mea Nui-Three Great Things pdf doc 4-8  Tapping the power of hope, faith & love
Food - Mea 'Ai pdf doc 4-6 Fostering a healthier diet
Goalsetting – The SMART Way pdf doc 6-8  Setting goals for school and life
          - Resource pdf doc
Guts on the Table pdf doc 9-12  Sharing stories & building communities
Ha- Breath of Life pdf doc 4-8  Learning the power of your breath
Hawaiian Symbology pdf doc 4-12 Creating meaningful representations
I Am From – Sharing Your History pdf doc 4-12  Exploring Culture through storytelling
In Your Element pdf doc 4-6  Linking passion & ability to excel
Kalo-ology pdf doc 6-8  Using kalo (taro) to represent family
Multiple Intelligences pdf doc 6-8  Smart in many ways
          - Resource pdf doc
My Impression pdf doc 4-12 Making Polynesian designs, shapes, and symbols
My Mixed Plate pdf doc 4-8  Exploring roots & preferences
          - Resource pdf doc
My Symbol - Ku‘u Hō‘ailona pdf doc 6-8  Identifying relationships to nature
          - Resource pdf ppt
Paddling Progressions pdf doc 8-12 Understanding the canoe to help set goals 
          - Resource pdf ppt
Place to Place - A Paper Boat Journey pdf doc 6-8 Learning about life's journey
Power of the Word pdf doc 6-8 Learning about the power of words
Promoting Pono – Preventing Huhu (Anger) pdf doc 4-6  Examining injustice to promote pono
Skills & Interests Survey pdf doc 6-12  Identifying skills, interests, and passions of a group
Soaring Like a Kite – Lele Ka Lupe  pdf doc 4-8  Setting & supporting goals
The Animal In Me – Creating Totems pdf doc 4-6  Identifying your power animal; creating class connections
The Four Agreements pdf doc 7-12  Helping others; helping yourself
          - Resource pdf doc
The Many Pieces of Me pdf doc 4-8 Sharing self through art
There! Fish! pdf doc 6-8  Observing nature to learn lessons
          - Resource pdf ppt
Thinking Vs Feeling pdf doc 6-12  Head or gut? Which to listen to…
Too Sweet-Sugar and Health pdf doc 5-6 How much sugar do you drink?
Who I Am pdf doc 4-8  Using the ipu to introduce self
Who’s Your Mountain, Land & Ocean? pdf doc 4-6  Appreciating special people and places
Words To Live By pdf doc 4-12  Word cards encouraging pono actions
          - Resource pdf doc